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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Check this website out so cool!!! OMG, Someone Started a Nail Art of the Month Club.

InstaGel Strips

InstaGel Strips An at-home manicure kit that combines two technologies in one: the splotchproof ease of nail-polish stickers and the chip-proof strength and shine of a salon gel manicure. How It Works: Each adhesive strip is made up of layers of real nail polish. Position it onto the nail, press down, and buff to fit. A clear gel topcoat cures under the included LED light in just 30 seconds, sparking a chemical reaction that makes it ten times more durable than regular polish. The nearly indestructible manicure won't fade or chip for up to two weeks of typing, texting, and various other abuses. I so want to try this !!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My little girl.

 I am so lucky to have Bella in my life....She has helped me through some hard times in my life especially when I lost my dad. I had brought her home from the animal hospital she was a tiny really sick little girl. I didn't want her to die alone in a cage there was this need to heal her. Her stomach had not fully developed so she had trouble going to the bathroom. She had trouble eating so I would try and get yogurt in her come to find out she loved raw carrots I would chew them for her and feed her that way it worked. She started getting better everyday till one day she was able to poop I was so excited I knew then that she was going to make it. My mom and dad feel in love with her you couldn't help but fall in love with her. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello...I want to Thank You for checking out my blog. If you click on the Influenster banner you will see all my beauty reviews. this blog will post mostly beauty reviews and tips.....But also somethings about my life.